Sha Ma Sha

What does Sha Ma Sha means?

Sha Ma Sha got its name from my childhood memories.

From my Dad, a man with empathy for poor and sick people, kindness for his family, always joyful, dancing, playing music, a real heart of gold.


Sha Ma Sha means “God’s will

in Native language (Newfoundland)

About Daphne

Daphne is passionate by helping people suffering fom addictions. She as ten years in recovery and experienced how important Self-Love and Self-care is in her journey.

This is how the Sha Ma Sha center came into place, to bring safe heaven to others.

Daphne's background

Daphne attended:

-the Recovery Conference in New-York in May 2015

-The Recovery 2.0 online addiction Conference in May 2015

-Certificated Recovery 2.0 Coach by Tommy Rosen

-Member of Mother of Addicts

-Advocate for people, family, youth with addictitions


Daphne is also a loving wife, married to Jeffrey Hodder for 22 years, with two beautiful children, Stephen Arthur and Rebecca Cassie, and Lilly their loving dog.

Sha Ma Sha

1 Ploughman Lane

Georges Brook

A0C 1V0 NL