Sha Ma Sha is home to healing, love, and laughter.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend some time with Mother Earth? As soon as you arrive at ShaMaSha – a unique, wellness retreat – you’ll understand soon enough.

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Breathe in. Breathe out.

Don’t you feel better already? When you embark on one of our many self-care journeys, we go out of our way to ensure you have the very best of everything to help you relax and discover what’s important in life.

A healing and wellness experience that’s personalized to you.

Our workshops and experiences are all designed for reconnection – to yourself, to the bigger picture and to the joy of laughing out loud.

We cover a range of themes such as yoga, mindfulness, and nutrition. ShaMaSha is alcohol and drug-free.

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Meet Daphne March.

Health and healing are very important to Daphne. As is reconnecting to Mi’Kmaq roots and preserving her culture for the next generation.

Her vision for ShaMaSha is to create a safe space where people can learn, heal, and connect with one another and the land through healthy eating, meditation, yoga, and traditional Indigenous practices.

Daphne’s life has been rooted in Indigenous culture, and she’s had the good fortune of travelling to international retreats to study meditation, wellness, and yoga. She’s passionate about sharing that knowledge with all who come to ShaMaSha to learn, heal, and connect.

The meaning of ShaMaSha.

People ask all the time, what does ShaMaSha mean? Is it a sacred word? Is it an Indigenous practice? Is it a spirit? Perhaps it’s all of the above. For Daphne, her family, and the community, it’s a very personal story and holds a special place in their hearts and minds.

ShaMaSha is a word in memory of her father, Cyril Gilbert March – a community leader, healer, and kind spirit. It was an Indigenous greeting he used every single day of his life. It helped create an instant human connection. He had a heart of gold and a generous smile for everyone and anyone.

The actual meaning is unknown, but we like to think it was Cyril’s way of making people feel loved and safe. Or perhaps it was meant for the next generation – an anthem to bring love and laughter and a way to preserve our heritage as Indigenous people in Newfoundland and Labrador. Whatever his intentions, he left an ever-lasting impression on us all and his spirit will continue to live on for many generations to come.

Daphne’s parents, Cyril and Cassie March, ran a shop in Gillams for 50 years. They were well known throughout the area for their community service and involvement. The shop became a gathering place for the community, where all were welcomed and loved. ShaMaSha is a continuation of that vision – a place where people can gather, connect, and feel as one.

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Introduction to Mi’Kmaw Language

The Mi’Kmaw language is important to me and my culture. While I’m not fluent, I have taken classes at First Light – St. John’s Friendship Centre. I also volunteer as A community Advocate with First Voice Urban Indigenous Coalition. For interest, below are some common Mi’Kmaw words.

Kwe’ – Hello
Taluisin? – What is your name?
Wernu’kwalsi l’nui’si – I’m trying to speak mi’kmaq


Iris's Executive Suite

A beautiful, peaceful space with lots of natural light, this suite is located in Effie’s House and is filled with loving memories of our mother and grandmother. The main floor features two well-appointed bedrooms (one with en suite), a fully-equipped kitchen, hardwood flooring throughout. On the top floor, you’ll find a comfortable living area as well as a private deck with BBQ and seating area to enjoy the scenic views.

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Lilly's Suite

A bright, inviting one-bedroom suite with large windows, a private entrance, and peaceful outdoor space situated next to a babbling brook. Enjoy a 3-piece bath with heated floors, a fully-equipped kitchen, lovely dining area, and hardwood floors throughout. The bedroom features a queen-sized bed, white linens, and a walk-in closet. Laundry facilities are also available. WiFi inside the suite is weak but it can be accessed on the patio (a perfect excuse to go offline).

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Workshops & Consulting

Our workshops are designed for reconnection – to yourself, to the bigger picture and to the joy of laughing out loud. We cover a range of themes such as yoga, mindfulness, and nutrition. ShaMaSha provides customized workshops for your communities needs.

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Wellness Retreats in Newfoundland

We offer intentionally designed experiences to provide a deeper connection to yourself and Mother Earth.

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1:1 Wellness Coaching

Daphne offers one-on-one life coaching focused on wellness and nutrition.

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Event Speaking

Indigenous ceremonies and traditions can offer your guests a unique experience that they will never forget. I am available to provide these services for your next event.

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